April 8-9, 2016 at Princeton University


This event is an outgrowth of the Thematic semester held in 2015.

For the presentation of the event, the program, registration and practical information: click on the picture or here.

...continue reading 5/ [Extra event] Conference Commodity Markets: Financialization and Regulation

Throughout the semester, Institut Henri Poincaré (IHP), Paris 

IHP_FACADEThe thematic seminars aim to present innovative research in connection with the proposed themes. These seminars are organized throughout the semester, with a two-hour session approximately every month (a one-hour presentation and an hour for discussion). They are held in Paris on Friday afternoons. ...continue reading 3/ Thematic Seminars at IHP

12-18 July 2015, Villa Finaly, Firenze

villa4A summer school has been organized to allow doctoral students, and in some cases master’s students, to familiarize themselves with the problems and methodological issues related to commodity derivatives markets. It was also aimed at both practitioners and more experienced researchers. Five half-day master classes, designed to present in a detailed and pedagogical manner the states of the art in each of the sub-topics within the semester, have been arranged. ...continue reading 2/ Summer School